“Menage a Detroit” – Selected by Dennis Nawrocki

April 27 – July 21, 2012
Main & Rose Gallery

“Menage a Detroit”
Three Generations of Expressionist Art In Detroit 1970-2012
Selected by Dennis Nawrocki

“Menage a Detroit” presents three generations of artists for whom an expressionist aesthetic has been either foundational or ongoing through their careers. Whether executing painterly canvases, three-dimensional sculptures, or some combination of both paint and structure assembled from virgin or salvaged materials, the twenty-two artists featured here share an approach to their work marked by a strong emotional quotient. Not for these expressive practitioners the formalities of the grid or a less-in-more sensibility. Rather, more is more-and better! – D. A. N.

Featured artists: 

First GenerationDSCF3755
James Crawford
Gordon Newton

John Egner
Michael Luchs
Nancy Mitchnick
Allie McGhee
Gordon Newton
Ellen Phelan
Nancy Pletos

Robert Sestok
Second Generation
Cay Bahnmiller
Matthew BlakeDSCF3756

Gary Eleinko
Kurt Novak
John Rowland
Yolanda Sharpe
Gilda Snowden
Lois Teicher
Paul Webster

Third Generation
Scott Hocking
Steven McShane
Thomas Pyrzewski

Stephanie Sturton