David Philpot – “TIME”

Sept. 13 – Nov. 2, 2013
Rose Gallery

The World of David Philpot (from https://davidphilpot.wordpress.com/)

David Philpot, artist – a master staff carver, mosaic and collage master – was born in 1940 in Chicago, Illinois. He is an accomplished artist, renowned in “outsider” or ”folk” art circles.

He is known for his tall, magnificent staffs – fanciful, whimsical totems, abstract works of stunning geometrical complexity.

They are intricately carved and often embellished with beads, shells, faux jewels, mirrors and found objects.

He also creates ornamental collage installations; furnishings embellished with intricate mosaics of watches and clocks, and has created a massive 12-foot high PCV-pipe – adorned with beads and cowry shells.

Philpot’s staffs are a part of many important permanent collections, including the Du Sable Museum, the Harold Washington Library, AT&T Headquarters, Illinois State Museum, Carbondale Museum and the Anacostia Community Museum of the Smithsonian, in Washington D.C.

Philpot’s work has been collected by arts enthusiasts world-wide.

Philpot – entirely self-taught – has taught thousands of students, in public and private, urban and suburban schools, universities and community centers.

Philpot, father of three adult children, David Jr., David Nicholas and Nicole, was always accompanied by his beloved wife Jean, who passed away in 2007 after 45 years of marriage. In deep mourning, he left the arts for almost 5 years.

In 2011, George N’Namdi, owner of the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, invited Philpot to Detroit to participate in a multi-artist exhibition called “Homeland”. Philpot, emerging from depression, agreed.

At that show he met Detroit writer, Marsha Music.

In 2012 – they married, and Philpot moved to Detroit. At the wedding, he carried the Swarovsky staff, and she carried a staff that he completed for her, in lieu of flowers.

As befitting an artist of his stature, Philpot has become a distinguished figure in Detroit’s flourishing creative community, with his ever-present staffs, canes or walking sticks.

He now creates his magnificent works of art in Detroit, and has exhibited in the N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art, the Kunstalle Gallery and the Michigan Fast Fest.

Philpot has also exhibited in several major Detroit area shows. In Detroit, he began to create simple walking sticks – with not so simple embellishments.

Here in Detroit he engages with his new community, where there are many, many Trees Of Heaven.