Belly Dance

October 1, 2017 @ 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

No classes currently – stay tuned for updates! 

Instructor: Derrienne (Dee) Reese
Drop-in: $10
6 class package: $50

Also known as Raqs Sharki and Oriental Dancing, Belly Dance is practiced throughout
the world in many cultures. But one thing remains the same, it is empowering women
everywhere and is building a sisterhood like no other. Belly dance offers a variety of
styles to match any personality type and is constantly evolving, as every style does.
Why are women (especially women of color) so drawn to belly dance. Although belly
dance is believed to have come predominantly from middle eastern cultures, it has roots
deeply embedded in Africa as well. The enthralling dance forms from Somali and
Congolese women will show great similarities in fashion and movements. Not only is
this form of dance fragments of our historic rhythmic roots, it also enhances spirituality,
increases confidence, flexibility & toning, assists in weight loss, engages the core and
greatly improves memory! It is truly the greatest low impact dance form (exercise) that
uses nothing but your natural feminine essence.

The style of Belly Dance that Dee will teach is more upbeat and cardio based. Students
will listen to a variety of music and dance using traditional moves in basic and
intermediate combinations. The focus will be on improving posture (which improves
overall confidence), and strengthening the overall body while engaging the core.
Derrienne, or Dee, has been belly dancing for ten years and has studied exclusively
under Stephanie Carr and Hannah Mullins. She has taken several workshops and
intensives over the years from reknowned instructors such as Michelle Sorenson (2016-17),
Zoey Jakes (2015-16), Kami Liddle (2016), Jeri Beaucaire (2012) and many more.
Over the years she has performed dozens of times throughout the Metro Detroit
area such as TedxDetrot (Fox Theater 2016), Ancient Rhythms (Bay City 2017), Dance
against Hunger (Dearborn 2014-15), St. Andrews (Downtown Detroit 2014), Charles H
Wright Museum (Detroit 2011).