Argentine Tango – Practica

January 26, 2022 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Practica Class: 6:00 – 8:00PM
Instructors: Alex Moore and Randy Fisher

Drop in per class: $10
Student rate: $6
6-class package: $45
No partner needed

Tango is a Universal language that can be done all over the world. It is a unique dance that can be super simple and complex at the same time. It melds cultures and creates a conduit for learning about self and connecting to the greater. Tango is truly a world dance that has contributions from every corner of the Earth. It can be a stepping stone to other dances or help you see your existing dances in a new light.

Social tango is a dance that is built on improvisation which appeals to folks who can’t claim they can’t dance or remember steps but also for those who want to create their own masterpieces. Some people call it walking meditation because of its’ present moment awareness. Once you dive in you realize there are many levels to the dance and full of expression.

About the Instructors:  Randy began dancing tango in 2000 and, after years of dancing/teaching between Buenos Aires and San Francisco, moved home to Detroit to begin the Detroit Tango Project in 2011. Alex grew up dancing and began tango in 2008 in Buenos Aires. She moved from NYC to Detroit in 2012, where she now teaches dance and yoga and practices Thai massage. Both Randy and Alex are avid social dancers, celebrating dance for physical and mental health and as a way to build connection and to connect us with community.

About Detroit Tango Project: Created officially in Sept 2013, the project’s debut was in the Whole Foods in Midtown. They are dedicated to bringing Argentine Tango and its culture implications to the Detroit Metro area. The 2 Key members are Randy and Alex. Randy moved back to Detroit share his passion of dance after studying in Argentina and abroad. Alex met Randy at the Whole Foods Class, she came on board with a plethora of dances under her belt. They teach other partner dance classes as well as the tango classes. They both share the same love of dance.

They have a trip to Argentina in March that has some spaces left!
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