Nanette Carter: 30 years of her work: A Survey and her Contemporaries Al Loving, Sam Gilliam, Gregory Coates 

Date: October 15th – January 15th

Detroit Art Review |The work of Nanette Carter is joined by Al Loving, Sam Gilliam, and Gregory Coates at N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art


A Survey 30 Years of Work by Nanette Carter will reveal her artistic production’s high quality and extraordinary vitality. A selective cross-section of work suggests a wide range of conventions and emotions surrounding today’s creative imagination. In acknowledging a variety of her works, the exhibition comprises 17 pieces, all executed since 1983.

In recognizing the absence of a single dominant style in contemporary art today, the exhibition will also explore the continuing richness and depth of abstraction as seen in the work of her contemporaries Al Loving, Sam Gilliam, and Gregory Coates. Together, the 34 works included in the exhibition provide an overview of the vivacious artistic atmosphere of the moment and impart a sense of the great diversity and individualism prevalent in today's artistic output.



Rendering of future development at 7303 W. McNichols.s

Acclaimed art connoisseur and partners to bring a living-and-retail experience to Live6

On a stretch of McNichols in between the University of Detroit and Marygrove College campuses lies an inconspicuous property on a quiet residential street corner.

7303 W. McNichols is currently an abandoned building but may soon become one of Detroit’s most exciting new residential and commercial developments in years.

The project will catalyze the economic activity coming to the Bagley/Fitzgerald neighborhood by adding housing units and commercial offerings, and led, in part, by one of Detroit’s foremost art collectors, galleries George N’Namdi, the property will be a work of art as well as a showplace for it.

About N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art

The N’Namdi Center for Contemporary Art is a nonprofit dedicated to enlightenment through the arts. Created by George N’Namdi, this state of the art facility includes four exhibition spaces, including indoor and outdoor performance areas. George N’Namdi is a leading art dealer, with 30+ years experience as a gallery owner. The Center continues N’Namdi’s work in the preservation of master artists and providing local artists a home for their art, including performance art and experiential theater.

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